18 Best WordPress Age Plugins

  • Countdown Timer

    This plugin allows you to setup a series of dates to count to or from in terms of years, months, weeks, days, hours, minutes, and/or seconds.

  • Age Verify

    A simple way to ask visitors for their age before viewing your content.

  • KB Countdown Widget

    Displays years/months/days since, until, or between events. Great for tracking a pregnancy (with a bar graph!), time until an election, or whatever. U

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  • Count All

    Very simple, highly customizable counter widget for showing difference in days from a specified date and time.

  • Dashboard Wordcount

    Updates the Dashboard's At a Glance widget to show the total word count of all the published posts and age of this WordPress website.

  • Ninja Forms Age Field

    This plugin uses date picker field on front-end for adding date of birth, and converts birth date into age number.

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  • Old Post Notifier

    With this plugin, an notification can be added to old posts.

  • Kid Info Widget

    Customizable widget with information about your child. Show baby's age, date of birth, weight, length etc. Supports multiple instances.

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  • Age Calculator

    A quicktag that will calculate the current age of a person/animal/whatever based on it's birthdate. Supports changing the verbage for year(s) and mont

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  • How Old Am I

    How Old Am I calculates and displays ages in several formats.

  • Old Post Alert

    Remind your visitors about the age of old posts in the comment area - might cut down in irrelevant comments.

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  • Running Time

    A Wordpress plugin that outputs your blog's age in date range, days, weeks, months or years

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  • Blog Demographics

    Shows you what age and gender your visitors are. Based on various services like Facebook, BlogCatalog and MyBlogLog.

  • Age Shortcode

    EN: Insert Author Age per Shortcode DE: Alter des Autors per Shortcode einfügen

  • BlogHint

    Verstion: 1.0

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