20 Best WordPress Amazon Associates Plugins

  • Easy Code Placement

    A great Wordpress plugin to place any Code - anywhere you want.

  • SellFire Affiliate Store Builder

    SellFire's Affiliate Store Builder makes it easy to earn money as an affiliate. Integrated with the biggest networks and thousands of merchants.

  • WooZone - Light Version

    Turn your Woocommerce Wordpress Store into a money profit generator using WooZone Light!

  • Amazon Related Products

    Add contextual Amazon products into your blog based on the tags or defined keywords.

  • AdWords Conversion Tracking Code

    Easiest way to add AdWords Conversion Tracking Code to your site.

  • Amazon Affiliate Link Globalizer

    Rewrites Amazon.com/Amzn.com and forwards the visitor to 'their' country specific Amazon store (using IP Geolocation).

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  • Amazon Auto Linker

    Version: 1.2

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  • Bixt - Turns Keyword Phrases into Your Affiliate Links

    Bixt (through bixt.net service) replaces keywords or keyword phrases with affiliate links that you define per keyword.

  • Aklamator Pro Adsense

    Aklamator Pro AdSense digital PR plugin enables you to easily place AdSense or other custom Ad code on your wordpress site.

  • QRCode Generator - Adsense

    CodeQRCode plugin enables you to automatically generate QR codes on each post and page on your wordpress site.

  • Affiliately

    Automatically converts keywords in your blog posts into affiliate links.

  • Aklamator - Digital PR

    Aklamator digital PR plugin enables you to sell PR announcements, cross promote web sites using RSS feed and provide new services to your clients.

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