20 Best WordPress Arrow Plugins

  • Scroll Back To Top

    This plugin will add a button that allows users to scroll smoothly to the top of the page.

  • To Top

    To Top is a nifty lightweight plugin. It adds a highly customizable button, which when clicked, scrolls up smoothly to the top of a page.

  • Scrollbar Designer

    Get rid of boring scrollbar and make your own Custom Scrollbar for your website.

  • Catch Web Tools

    A top-notch modular plugin that can greatly enhance the capabilities of a WordPress website with its powerful features.

  • wpmathpub

    Display mathematical equations within your posts and comments.

  • Scrollup

    This is just a very simple plugin to have a unified "scroll to top" button throughout your whole blog/site.

  • R Scroll Up

    R-Scroll-Up plugin is Simple wordpress plugin for scroll to top one click.

  • WP Keyboard Navigation

    Let your visitor navigate through the pages with the keyboard Arrows and numbers.

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  • Scroll Bar With Back To Top

    Scroll Bar With Back To Top is a Easily Customization Plugin and Very User Friendly Plugins settings option.

  • Indicate External Links

    Indicates external links in post, page and custom content.

  • Wordpress Scroll to Top for Mobile

    The errnio Mobile Scroll to Top plugin adds a simple and styled button at the bottom-right of the site. It appears once the user scrolls down.

  • Jamie's WP Arrow Newsletter Subscriber

    A Widget to add an Arrow newsletter subscription form .

  • Awesome Scroll To Top

    Awesome Scroll To Top plugin allow your website users to easily scroll back to the top of your page with one click of the button. This gives your webs

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  • scrollup

    Shortcode plugin [retour] for a unified link to top style.

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  • Literal Shortcode

    Adds a shortcode for the literal display of other shortcodes, html tags, or characters in post or page text.

  • Smart Arrow Shortcodes

    Automatically replace "" with nice arrow symbols in your posts.

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  • Back to Top Button

    Version: 1.2 SEOS create a new Scroll to Top Plugin, that will exceed your expectations and we promise to update the best scroll to top button. Back

  • Click to top

    A wordpress plugin to create a customisable 'click to top' feature.

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