18 Best WordPress Attribution Plugins

  • Creative Commons Configurator

    Helps you publish your content under the terms of Creative Commons and other licenses.

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  • ExpressCurate

    ExpressCurate plugin is a content curation tool for WordPress. It enables you to create and publish high quality content within minutes.

  • Repost

    Instantly share content with other publishers, bloggers, and websites.

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  • PressForward

    PressForward provides an integrated workflow for curating content aggregated from the web.

  • iCopyright Toolbar

    Find current articles from leading publishers and websites. Republish them with one click. Plus, syndicate and monetize your own content.

  • Credit Tracker

    A simple way to show credits for the images used on your website.

  • Picture finder

    This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs.

  • Simple Attribution

    A simple plugin to allow bloggers to add attribution to sourced posts.

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  • Creative Commons Generator

    This plugin display a Creative Commons banner below your posts in WordPress. All metadata included.

  • License

    The license plugin gives authors the ability to mark their content with a Creative Commons license and to display the license along with the content.

  • Credibility

    Credibility allows you to easily add footnotes to your posts.

  • Endnotes

    Easily add footnotes to your posts and pages.

  • Open Attribute

    Allows a user to add licensing and attribution information into a blog post / WordPress powered site.

  • Repost.Us Shortcode

    Repost.Us makes complete articles embeddable — just like video.

  • Curator's Code

    This plugin integrates the via (ᔥ) and hat tip (↬) attribution functions of the Curator's Code into the Wordpress editor dashboard.

  • Advanced Picture finder

    Tested up to: 3.3 Stable tag: 0.93 This plugin is built for people keen to reuse flickr images in their blogs. Searching for just CC-BY material the

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