18 Best WordPress Bandwidth Plugins

  • Hyper Cache

    Hyper Cache is a performant and easy to configure cache system for WordPress.

  • Compress JPEG & PNG images

    Speed up your website. Optimize your JPEG and PNG images automatically with TinyPNG.

  • BJ Lazy Load

    Lazy loading for images and iframes makes your site load faster and saves bandwidth. Uses no external JS libraries and degrades gracefully for non-js

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  • WP-HTML-Compression

    Reduce file size by shortening URLs and safely removing all standard comments and unnecessary whitespace from an HTML document.

  • ByREV WP-PICShield

    Images Hotlink Protection for Your Wordpress Websites; Anti-Hotlinking images/photos - Extensive Plugin for Watermark Pictures and images links redire

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  • WP Resized Image Quality

    Get better uploaded quality or save bandwidth: Change the JPEG compression-level of uploaded images and thumbnails.

  • Add Headers

    Adds the ETag, Last-Modified, Expires and Cache-Control headers to HTTP responses generated by WordPress for more efficient caching.

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  • Chennai Central

    ChennaiCentral saves your wordpress site bandwidth and thereby your money

  • Lite Cache

    The smallest cache plugin ever released (but still greatly efficient).

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  • Hotlink Protection

    The WordPress Automatic Image Hotlink Protection plugin is a single step script designed to stop others from stealing your images.

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  • Google Webfont Optimizer

    Makes your website faster by combining all Google Fonts in a single request. Your websites gets a higher PageSpeed score which is good for SEO.

  • Simple Lazyload

    Lazy load all images without configurations. It helps to decrease number of requests and improve page loading time.

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  • WordPress Image shrinker

    Reduce image file sizes drastically and improve performance and Pagespeed score using the TinyPNG API within WordPress. Works for both PNGs and JPGs.

  • Dropbox

    Dropbox Sync will allow you to sync images from your blog to Dropbox. All images will load from dropbox decreasing bandwidth and increase loading time

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  • Free CDN

    Rewrites your static files' URL's (JavaScripts, CSS, images etc.) so that they are served from [CoralCDN](http://www.coralcdn.org/) - a free P2P Conte

  • ItalyStrap

    Make your web site more powerfull Bootstrap, Performance and Schema.org

  • CDN Rewrites

    This plugin rewrites the host(s) of your static files (JavaScripts, CSS, images etc.) (called Origin) into a CDN (Content Delivery Network) host. Work

  • WP-Alp

    Apache log parser for Wordpress. Monitor daily bandwidth usage. Adds a dashboard widget displaying the daily bandwidth usage graph.

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