13 Best WordPress Blur Plugins

  • Maintenance

    Maintenance - easy configure and customize coming soon, under construction page when site have updates or changes.

  • Visual Slide Box Builder

    Build awesome animations without writing a line of code. Powerful WYSIGYG editor with live interactive preview to guide you. Fancy jQuery and CSS3 dr

  • ShowTime Slideshow

    This plugin displays all images attached to a post/page as an animated slideshow.

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  • FooGallery ZOOM Template

    A simple gallery with one really cool feature: ZOOM!

  • Tidio Maintenance Mode

    Most beautiful and completely free Coming Soon/Maintenance plugin for WordPress.

  • POWr Photo Editor

    Edit, filter, and resize any image!

  • POWr Image Resizer

    Adjust the size, shape, and filter for a single image.

  • Advanced Media Downloader

    The plugin makes it possible to download files from the media library and resize, crop, mask, blur it on the fly.

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  • Blurry - Mobile menu

    Blurry uses your WordPress theme standard menu as a source to build an original responsive menu with impressive appearance effects and sleek animation

  • Blur Links

    This plugin is designed to remove the focus rectangle on a link when clicked. It's very simple and effective.

  • Blur Text

    Blur Text with a shortcode. Unblur with a click or hover. Specify a blur color.

  • Spoiler alert JS

    Add a blur on spoiler alerts ; based on Joshua Hull's spoiler-alert JS (https://github.com/joshbuddy/spoiler-alert)

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  • JD-redesign-images

    JD-redesign-images checks posts for hotlinked and oversized images, afterwhich it will download images, resize if neccessary and apply filters you spe

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