14 Best WordPress Browsers Plugins

  • WP Mobile Detect

    WP Mobile Detect by Jesse Friedman creates an easy way for the User Admin to control when content is shown or hid based on visitor device or operating

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  • ecSTATic

    Faster, Smarter, Visitor Management and Stats for your Wordpress Blog.

  • Browser Rejector

    Notify, or optionally block, site visitors that they are using an outdated web browser, so you can use html5, css3, etc. freely.

  • Browser-Update-Notify

    Inform your visitors unobtrusively to switch to a newer browser.

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  • Push up the Web for WordPress

    [Pushup](http://www.pushuptheweb.com) is an effort to push the web forward by helping users upgrade their outdated browsers. This WordPress plugin is

  • Outdated Browser

    Show beautiful notice to users using old browsers

  • AWStats Report Viewer

    View CPanel's AWStats report via Wordpress Dashboard page.

  • Conditional Stylesheets and Body Classes

    Add conditional browser stylesheets and body class declarations

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  • Googlurl

    Use Google's URL Shortener Goo.gl to create, track or analyze your custom URL.

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  • FL3R User Agent Comments

    Show the browser and the operating system of your users in the comments and create a chain of comments most beautiful and interesting to read!

  • Customers by Product Purchase

    Find out which customers has bought your "X" product.

  • Prism Warning

    This Plugin shows a warning, when the visitors browser was made by a prism-contributing company.

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