13 Best WordPress Bruteforce Plugins

  • BulletProof Security

    WordPress Website Security Protection: Firewall Security, Login Security, Database Security... Effective, Reliable, Easy to use...

  • BruteProtect

    BruteProtect is no longer actively supported. All new development is now being done on the Protect feature in Jetpack.

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  • Security-protection

    Protection from login, registration and reset-password brute-force attacks. No captcha.

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  • Cerber Limit Login Attempts

    Protects site against brute force attacks. Restrict login by IP access lists. Limit login attempts. Comprehensive control of user activity.

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  • WPSecureOps Brute Force Protect

    The simplest yet free Brute Force plugin that will protect your WordPress site from any brute force password attacks.

  • Project Force Field

    Save your WordPress sites and servers from certain death during brute force attacks with Project Force Field by Orion Group!

  • WP-DenyHosts

    Distributed anti bruteforce plugin.

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  • Wordpress SuperSonic with CloudFlare

    Wordpress SuperSonic with CloudFlare

  • Orbisius Limit Logins

    Protect your site from automated logins efficiently!

  • IPBlock

    IPBlock offers powerful protection against bruteforce login attacks. Works in 2 modes, allowing you to set your own blocking scheme.

  • Orbisius Messenger

    Allows users to send email messages to each other as long as they know their usernames.

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  • Power Menus

    Secure your WordPress from bruteforce attacks and bots

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