12 Best WordPress Bug Plugins

  • Zendesk for Wordpress

    Bring the helpdesk into your blog

  • BugHerd

    A Multisite, bug tracking plugin. Allow you to integrate BugHerd sidebar into WordPress based website/blog within one minute.

  • Technical Support

    For WordPress developers: enhance your clients' websites with a bug reporting tool where they could pick a topic, write a message and send it over to

  • AskApache Debug Viewer

    Extreme Advanced debugging plugin for seeing the verbose of the verbose debug info. Tech Support, Server Admins, WordPress Developers, Plugin Develop

  • Usersnap

    Improve your Wordpress website with screenshots, bug reports and visual feedback from Usersnap. Usersnap helps you to get visual feedback from your us

  • Freshdesk for WordPress

    Allows you to setup single sign on capabilities between your site and Freshdesk. Create's user accounts on the fly, automatically logs in users.

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  • Bug Library

    This plugin provides an easy way to incorporate a bug/enhancement tracking system to a WordPress site. By adding a shortcode to a page, users will be

  • Console

    Debug PHP variables in the JavaScript console (Chrome & Firebug). Use instead of PHP's native var_dump() function.

  • Incorrect Datetime Bug Fix

    Fixes sql_mode values that cause error:Incorrect datetime value: '0000-00-00 00:00:00' for column 'post_date_gmt' at row 1

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  • Wixiweb FirePHP Queries

    Use Firebug with FirePHP to analyze the SQL queries made by Wordpress. Ideal for development and avoid performance issues.

  • TinyMCE Entities Patch

    Prevent spaces and HTML entities (e.g. > or ') from disappearing when editing posts with TinyMCE.

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  • scifi Task Manager

    Simple admin dashboard task manager.

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