13 Best WordPress Censorship Plugins

  • SOPA Blackout Plugin

    This plugin allows you to set SOPA blackout dates for your WordPress website. SEO friendly plus easy options to configure how often it's shown.

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  • SOPA Blackout for WordPress

    Show your support for SOPA Blackout Day.

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  • Redactor

    Versatile Censor Tool

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  • Defend Internet Privacy Widget

    Help spread the word and stop SOPA, CISPA, PIPA, and more. Tell the world that you are a member of the Internet Defense League by adding this Widget o

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  • Stop Censorship Ribbon

    Help stop CISPA and internet censorship by putting a ribbon that says Stop Censorship on your WordPress site or network. the ribbon links to http://ww

  • Censortive

    If your site is being blocked for "sensitive" words, Censortive is for you. This plugin can replace any word or phrase with its graphic equivalent.

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  • ShushThatNoise - Ignorant Comment Hider

    Hide unwanted comments without deleting them. Readers can click on the "Show" link to read the buried comment.

  • WP Stop UK Communications Data Bill Ribbon

    Add a ribbon to the top right corner of your WordPress site to protest against the UK's Draft Communications Data bill.

  • Censor ( DISCONTINUED )

    REBOOTED as [Redactor](http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/redactor/)

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  • Rechtsfreier Raum

    Dieses Plugin zeigt einen kleinen rechtsfreien Raum auf deinem Blog an.

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  • Proxy B Movement

    When someone uses a web proxy to browse your website or blog, Proxy B Movement informs the visitor to get another proxy i.e. Hepatitis B vaccination.

  • Stop SOPA by Zachary

    This plugin help you to set all page templates to sustain the couse 'Stop SOPA'.

  • WP Blocked Censorship Monitoring

    This plugin provides a search form to check if URLs are filtered, blocked or censored.

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