18 Best WordPress Citation Plugins

  • Zotpress

    Zotpress displays your Zotero citations on WordPress.

  • Civil Footnotes

    Create footnotes using a simple, easy-to-read syntax. Based on ‘WP-Footnotes’, a plugin by Simon Elvery, and Daring Fireball’s footnotes.

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  • Side Matter

    Turns footnotes into sidenotes, magically aligning each note in the sidebar next to its corresponding reference in the text.

  • Free Quotation

    Do you need display quotes or tips on your page? Free Quotation give you posibility to use CSV files with quotation, Wiciquotes or add quote manually

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  • AcademicPress

    Turn your Blog into an academic publishing site

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  • Simple Attribution

    A simple plugin to allow bloggers to add attribution to sourced posts.

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  • PMID Citation Plus

    This plugin allows you to simply enter in PubMed IDs (PMIDs) and have a references list automatically built at the bottom of your post for you.

  • Cite

    Help readers know how to cite your article correctly

  • NetBlog

    Connect posts and external resources (websites, pdf, doc, data). Use Captions, Footnotes, Bibliography. Netblog is highly customizable.

  • PMID Citations with Read

    This plugin allows you to add PubMed citations to wordpress sites with deep integration to the Read by QxMD service.

  • Simple Quotation

    Add random quotes to you blog.

  • ImpactPubs

    Search PubMed, ORCiD, or ImpactStory and display publication information on your blog or website. Include altmetrics from ImpactStory.

  • Cite & List

    Use BibTeX to cite articles in your posts and create publication lists.

  • WP Sentence

    WP Sentence shows one of the more than 470 citations on Your sidebar.

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  • Cite This

    A citation provider

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  • Extract blockquote info

    This plugin extracts `cite=""` and `title=""` details from blockquote to display with attribution and link below the quote.

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  • Blockquote Cite

    Blockquote Cite allows you to add easily cite references when using the blockquote tag.

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  • BibleGet I/O

    Creates a shortcode [bibleget] for inserting Bible quotes in articles or pages using the BibleGet I/O Service endpoint http://query.bibleget.io

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