20 Best WordPress Custom-menu Plugins

  • Custom Menu Wizard Widget

    Show branches or levels of your menu in a widget, or in content using a shortcode, with full customisation.

  • Advanced Menu Widget

    Enhanced Navigation Menu Widget.

  • Enhanced Admin Bar with Codex Search

    This plugin adds convenient search fields to provide easy access to the codex, wpbeginner, WordPress support forums and common wp-admin areas via the

  • WP Custom Widget area

    A very simple way to create a custom widget area, sidebars and menu locations for your wordpress site.

  • Per Page Menus and Featured Posts IntelliWidget

    Display content aware dynamic sidebars with custom menus, featured posts and other dynamic content on a per page, per post or site-wide basis.

  • Custom Menu Shortcode

    Add Custom Menus with a shortcode: [custommenu menu=Menu].

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  • WP Custom Menu Filter Plugin

    Displays different menus for visitors and users logged in without using CSS display:none.

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  • BuddyPress Custom Profile Menu

    Finally a plugin to fully customize the BuddyPress profile menu. This plugin enables you to append regular Wordpress custom menus to BuddyPress.

  • WordPress Menu Vertical

    Folder Menu Vertical is a flash dynamic menu module for your WordPress 3.0+ website, designed to meet your needs and preferences.

  • Custom Page Menus

    Custom Page Menus plugin allows custom menus to be defined on a per-page basis.

  • WordPress All In One Admin Bar

    This plugin allows admin to customize the admin bar and much more.

  • Superfish Dropdown Menu Widget

    This is a navigation widget that can be used for pages & for categories. Dropdown effects is based on Superfish JQuery plugin by [Joel Birch](htt

  • Vihv Menu

    Adds menu icons, menu item css class, link XFN, menu item description, ability to target link to new tab.

  • Page Menus Widget

    Menu with Page Assignment Widget

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  • Menu Override

    Override the menu in use on a page level when your template only supports one.

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  • Dynamic Sidebar Menu

    Grabs custom menu name from page/post to display the custom sidebar menu

  • User role sidebar menu

    Manage custom Sidebar menus based on logged-in user.

  • Woocommerce Admin Theme

    Woocommerce Admin Panel for Shop Manager || Hide woocommerce and wordpress from Shop Manager.

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  • Custom Menu Driven Prev/Next Links

    This plugin lets you display prev/next links at the bottom of your posts, and they are dictated by a custom menu.

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  • Last Category

    Transforms long path from categories and posts to a small path. Ex http://site.com/cat1/cat2/cat3/post-name to http://site.com/cat3/post-name.

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