10 Best WordPress Custom Page Plugins

  • Custom Login Page Styler - Admin login page

    Create your own custom login,admin login or client login page with custom login page styler ,Easy to use no coding skills required.

  • WP Custom Login

    Adding the header and footer to your login page.

  • Impact

    Create Sales, Affiliate, Landing, Squeeze, Thank You, Product, Marketing or any creative pages within minutes without changing your theme.

  • Webriti Custom Login

    Super Simple & Fast Way To Customize WordPress Admin Login Page

  • TR WP Custom Login Page

    WP Custom Login Page allows you to change your unlimited custom logo,unlimited custom text,unlimited custom color etc. with its lots of features.

  • Customize Login

    Create your Customize Login

  • Super Custom Login

    This plugin will customize your login screen. It replaces the default WordPress logo with your own super custom logo.

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  • WP Customize

    This plugin allows you to set up a custom login page, and set a custom footer message in the WordPress Admin.

  • Custom Login Css

    Adding the header and footer to your login page.

  • WPVKP Custom Login Page

    Customize Wordpress login page easily according to your theme or any other custom style with Custom Login Page Styler.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite custom page plugins missing from our list.

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