18 Best WordPress Data Collection Plugins

  • Awesome Surveys

    Create & publish feature-rich surveys with a few mouse clicks. All data collected remains in your control. Works better than healthcare.gov!

  • Poll

    WordPress Polls plugin is an wonderful tool for creating polls and survey forms for your visitors. You can use our polls on widgets, posts and pages.

  • ContactMe

    An Easy to modify Contact Form

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  • Questions

    Drag & drop your survey in the WordPress way!

  • WordPress Survey & Poll

    WordPress Survey and Poll offers unique solution to get your visitors' feedbacks directly on your WordPress website.

  • WP Survey Plus

    Setup awesome surveys within few minutes!

  • Poll

    Juna IT Poll - You can use WordPress Juna IT Poll for explaining what your users think about your web-page or a new page and or about any question. -

  • Popup Surveys & Polls

    Popup surveys lets you poll visitors with questions about your site. Use this feedback to build a better blog or business.

  • SurveyMe

    Easy to modify Survey Form

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  • PollMe

    An easy to modify poll system that uses Google Charts to display the results

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  • Submission

    Easy way to collect user submitted content for you blog.

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  • QuizMe

    An easy to modify quiz system

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite data collection plugins.

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