13 Best WordPress Datepicker Plugins

  • Contact Form 7 Datepicker

    Easily add a date field using jQuery UI's datepicker to your CF7 forms. This plugin depends on Contact Form 7.

  • Date and Time Picker Field

    Date and Time Picker field for Advanced Custom Fields

  • Contact Form 7 IE DatePicker and Number Spinner Fix

    Add the jQuery Datepicker and Spinner functionality to your Contact Form 7

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  • Very Simple Event List

    This is a very simple plugin to display a list of events. Use shortcode [vsel] to display events on a page or use the widget. For more info please che

  • Order Delivery Date for WP e-Commerce

    Allow the customers to choose an order delivery date on the checkout page for WP e-Commerce store owners.

  • Publish Date DatePicker

    Adds Interactive Calendar in Publish Section of Post, Page & Custom Post.

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  • Simple Calendar DatePicker

    This plugin allows you to set datepicker,calendar on your posts and pages just in single click.

  • WP Datepicker

    A great plugin to implement custom styled jQuery UI datepicker site-wide.

  • Simple Responsive Event List

    Plugin provides upcoming , past and all events list using shortcodes.

  • Surbma - Datepicker localization for Gravity Forms

    Localize the Gravity Forms Datepicker fields with this plugin's automatic localization.

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  • wp date range

    Date range for Posts or Custom types

  • Date & Time Picker for Advanced Custom Fields

    Date & Time Picker field for Advanced Custom Fields 4 and 5.

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