20 Best WordPress Debug Plugins

  • ManageWP Worker

    ManageWP is the ultimate WordPress productivity tool, allowing you to efficiently manage your websites.

  • P3 (Plugin Performance Profiler)

    See which plugins are slowing down your site. This plugin creates a performance report for your site.

  • Quick Cache (Speed Without Compromise)

    **NOTICE: This plugin is no longer maintained.** Quick Cache has been renamed to ZenCache.

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  • Zen Cache

    ZenCache is an advanced WordPress caching plugin inspired by simplicity. Speed up your site (BIG time!) with a reliable and fast WordPress cache.

  • Adminer

    Adminer is a full-featured MySQL management tool written in PHP. This plugin include this tool in WordPress.

  • Debug Bar

    Adds a debug menu to the admin bar that shows query, cache, and other helpful debugging information.

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  • Query Monitor

    View debugging and performance information on database queries, hooks, conditionals, HTTP requests, redirects and more.

  • Allow Multiple Accounts

    Allow multiple user accounts to be created, registered, and updated having the same email address.

  • Debug Bar Console

    Adds a PHP/MySQL console to the debug bar. Requires the debug bar plugin.

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  • Debug-Bar-Extender

    Extends the debug-bar plugin with additional tabs to measure runtimes between checkpoints and lookup variable content.

  • Background Update Tester

    Most sites are able to apply updates in the background. Background Update Tester checks your site for compatibility and explains any problems.

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  • Reveal Template

    Reveal the theme template file used to render the displayed page, via the footer, widget, shortcode, and/or template tag.

  • Debug This

    This plugin gives WordPress super admins an easy way to peek under the hood of the front-face of a WordPress installation via the admin bar.

  • Log Viewer

    This plugin provides an easy way to view *.log files directly in the admin panel.

  • Monkeyman Rewrite Analyzer

    Making sense of the rewrite mess. Display and play with your rewrite rules.

  • Busted!

    Force browsers to load the most recent file if modified.

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  • WP Mail Logging

    Logs each email sent by WordPress.

  • What Template File Am I Viewing?

    This is a debugging plugin that displays the current php file that is loading on the front end of the website.

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  • YARPP Experiments

    Some extras for tuning and diagnosing YARPP.

  • Kint Debugger

    Kint Debugger makes debugging and dumping variables a more pleasant experience. Kint Debugger integrates seamlessly with the Debug Bar plugin.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite debug plugins.

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