11 Best WordPress Debugger Plugins

  • Debug This

    This plugin gives WordPress super admins an easy way to peek under the hood of the front-face of a WordPress installation via the admin bar.

  • Kint Debugger

    Kint Debugger makes debugging and dumping variables a more pleasant experience. Kint Debugger integrates seamlessly with the Debug Bar plugin.

  • Facebook Debugger

    Debugging Sharing to Facebook.

  • wp-dBug

    Plugin implements the awesome dBug class created by Kwaku Otchere for use in WordPress plugin debugging

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  • WP Debugger

    A plugin that helps you locate and fix issuess with your Wordpress installation.

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  • DP Debug Menu

    Quickly shows the template used for current page, number of queries, and execution time for PHP code.

  • Facebook Debug Links

    Provides links in your wordpress backend to easily open your page/post in the Facebook Debugger

  • Template Debugger

    Intended for Developers: This template debugger helps you identify what template files are being used on the page you're viewing.

  • Facebook URL Linter for Posts Plugin

    This Plugin allows you to send any published or updated post to facebook scraper. This Plugin was developed by Geektime's dev team for internal p

  • Facebook URL Debugger

    Este plugin adicionará links na listagem de posts e na barra do Wordpress quando o post estiver aberto para agilizar o debug das URLs.

  • Kint PHP Debugger

    Kint is a modern and powerful PHP debugging helper, which requires zero-setup and replaces var_dump(), print_r() and debug_backtrace().

Let us know if we missed any of your favorite debugger plugins.

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