19 Best WordPress Effect Plugins

  • Amazing Hover Effects

    Amazing Hover Effects wordpress is an impressive hover effects powered by pure CSS3 and iHover.

  • A Page Flip Book

    Create and manage your jQuery or Flash Page Flip : add pages, reorganize them and start browsing your book. Visit our website !

  • Flip Pong V

    HTML5 Flipbook (no flash), easy to integrate: easy image adding and ordering (for pages), entirely sizable.

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  • WP Multibox

    This plugin adds the Multibox lightbox script from phatfusion to WordPress in unobtrusive way. Now natively supporting post inclusion through AJAX!

  • WP Simple Text Rotator

    WP Simple Text Rotator is an awesome and Very Light Weight and Plugin For Wordpress Website. And wp simple Text Rotator is Auto Responsive.

  • Wordpress Multibox Plugin

    This plugin brings the great Multibox from phatfusion to your blog images.

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  • Animated Headline

    Super animation headline by using shortcode. Easy to use and look super animated headline.

  • Effect Maker

    Extend Wordpress with this JavaScript web effect creation system.

  • Wordpress FancyBox Plugin

    This plugin brings the great FancyBox from http://kac.klade.lv/ to your blog images.

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  • InstaFX by Colorlabs & Company

    Power up your WordPress site with InstaFX, Add filtering to your WordPress images. Majesty, Sunrise, Cross, Peel, Love, Pinhole, and more.

  • Frndzk Photo Lightbox Gallery

    Frndzk photo lightbox plugin adds lightbox effect to all photos of every post and pages. it also shows photos in a group of a post like a photo album.

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  • Sexy Polling

    Sexy Polling - Find out what your audience thinks!

  • Subpage as Expandible Text Shortcode

    Add [subpages_expand] to any parent page. All child pages' titles are shown as links that expand to content when clicked

  • FireFly Effect on WordPress

    FireFly is a Jquery Plugin that creates spark effect on web page. Sparks moves in random motion and path. You have to call firefly_wp_setup() on every

  • Blurry - Mobile menu

    Blurry uses your WordPress theme standard menu as a source to build an original responsive menu with impressive appearance effects and sleek animation

  • Saeid Simple Text Rotator

    Saeid Simple Text Rotator uses jQuery Super Simple Text Rotator by Pete R. on a simple shortcode to rotate your texts!

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  • Reflection

    Apply reflection effect to images with 'reflection' as one of the HTML attribute class values.

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  • Social Sticky

    Social Sticky is Simply and Effectively to get more shares, more traffic, more fans. Very easy to install and configure with nice effects.

  • WP Link Hover Effect By MasterBlogster

    This plugin adds hover effect for links in the wordpress post page. Hover the link to see the effect. Check demo on http://masterblogster.com

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Let us know if we missed any of your favorite effect plugins.

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