18 Best WordPress Embedding Plugins

  • YouTube Embed

    A simple to use method of embedding YouTube videos into your posts and pages but with powerful features for those that need them.

  • Wordpress Video Plugin

    A filter for WordPress that displays videos from many video services.

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  • Embedded Video

    Easy embedding of videos from lots of portals or local video files of many file formats with optional generation of a corresponding link.

  • Easy Flash Embed

    Embed Flash easily and standard compliant with SWFObject using only a [swf] shortcode!

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  • SZ - Video for WordPress

    Plugin per l'inserimento di un player video all'interno di post o pagine WordPress tramite l'utilizzo di semplici shortcodes.

  • Landing Pages Builder

    Create amazing landing pages from your wordpress site and host them anywhere. Monitor analytics, collect emails, improve conversion rates and more.

  • Embed QuickTime

    Embed QuickTime helps you embed QuickTime movies to play directly in your posts.

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  • Facebook Post Embed

    One shortcode to embedding facebook posts easily, responsive and custom margin bottom.

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  • Google Calendar Widget & Short Code

    Adds a widget and shortcode to display or embed Google Calendars in WordPress.

  • Plugin Name

    XHTML Video Embed is replaced by XVE Various Embed: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/xve-various-embed/

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  • Instagram Embedding

    One shortcode to embedding instagram images with full customize and unlimited colors, caption support, fully responsive and easy to use.

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  • Modern Facebook Post Embed

    One modern shortcode to embedding all facebook posts, all page plugin, page feed and facebook video easily, responsive, custom margin bottom and other

  • VidAnalytic (defunkt)

    VidAnalytic is a free companion solution to Google Analytics for tracking embedded video usage on site.

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  • Panorama Embed

    Allows you to embed panoramas or virtual tours in your blog. Either embedded directly within an iframe, or with a linked picture opening a new window.

  • Free Website Forms

    Create amazing Forms from your wordpress site and host them anywhere. Run A/B tests, monitor analytics, improve conversion rates and much more.

  • KISS Youtube Plugin

    Keep It Simple Stupid Youtube plugin helps to add YouTube videos into your posts with Valid XHTML. It can't be more easiest. Just place the code of Yo

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  • EndomondoWP

    Embed Endomondo workouts on Wordpress Blog

  • Free Website Popups

    Create your amazing Website Popup from your wordpress site and host them anywhere. Run A/B tests, monitor analytics, improve conversion rates and much

Let us know if there are any of your favorite embedding plugins missing from our list.

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