16 Best WordPress Emoticons Plugins

  • WP Emoji One

    Add Emoji One emoticons to your posts and pages.

  • Font Emoticons

    Replaces Wordpress' smileys with font-based emoticons.

  • Smilies Themer

    Smilies Themer allows you to use smilies (emoticons) themes (or packs) to replace the wordpress default ones.

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  • TinyMCE Emoticons

    TinyMCE Emoticons plugin helps to add emoticons in posts and pages easily.

  • Emoji Emoticons

    Support for Emoji Emoticons: http://www.emoji-cheat-sheet.com/

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  • Comments - wordpress plugin by Vicomi

    Vicomi comments is a free comment platform with a new cool, stylish graphic interface that replaces your default WordPress comment system.

  • Kaskus Emoticons

    Kaskus Emoticons is an emoticon set inspired by Kaskus, the Largest Indonesian Community

  • MyEffecto-Instant Visual Feedback

    Customizable emotion-based widget, which help to increase your Blog Engagement.

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  • Open Source Emoji

    Emoji support for your blog with no copyright problems.

  • Native Emoji

    Insert emojis in your posts, pages, etc.

  • Speedy Smilies

    Speeds up and beautifies your blog by substituting the individually-wrapped WordPress smilies with a single CSS image sprite containing all emoticons.

  • Zaazu Emoticons

    The only plugin for wordpress that gives you access to a variety of smileys created by ZaaZu.com!

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  • Yahoo Messenger Emoticons

    This plugin is design to replace the wordpress default smilies with the emoticons used on Yahoo Messenger

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  • Voting - Feelbacks plugin by Vicomi (Better than Rating-Widget & Star Rating System)

    Star Rating System? voting? so 90's! Say hello to the new Feelbacks voting system! A new emotional rating widget and voting tool

  • TinyMCE Smiley Button

    Add Smiley Button to TinyMCE.

  • Simple Smilies

    Let users insert WordPress smilies when commenting in you site.

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite emoticons plugins.

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