20 Best WordPress Fix Plugins

  • WP CleanFix

    The all in one tool for check, repair, fix and optimize your WordPress blog.

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  • WP Minify Fix

    [Fixed] This plugin uses the Minify engine to combine and compress JS and CSS files to improve page load time.

  • IE Enhancer and Modernizer Surf Experience

    make ie6+ standards-compliant browser fix html/css transparent png, shiv html5 elements, render latest version, enhancer modernizer surfing experience

  • Image Rotation Fixer

    Automatically fixes the rotation of JPEG images using PHP's EXIF extension, immediately after they are uploaded to the server.

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  • Fix Facebook Like

    The Fix Facebook Like plugin fixes problems like wrong thumbnail, title, description, URL, and gives few more options for your WordPress.

  • TinyMCE Advanced qTranslate fix editor problems

    For fixing problems with TinyMCE Advanced and qTranslate. Remove line breaks and whitespace, enable custom stylesheets and multiple textareas. Fully c

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  • Image Rotation Repair

    The Image Rotation Repair plugin simply fixes image orientation based on EXIF data. This is primarily a patch for mis-oriented images delivered from

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  • WP Error Fix

    Tracks WordPress errors related to Plugins, Themes and Core and provide Fixes.

  • Faster Appearance - Menus

    If your Appearance > Menus screen has become very laggy after upgrading to WordPress 3.6 and you have a lot of menu items, this should speed it up.

  • Missed Schedule WordPress Plugin Fix

    Fast Fix "Missed Shedule" messages from wp post an publish posts -- This plugin will check every 10 minutes, if there are items in the datab

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  • Wp-UnitPNGfix

    This plugin includes the `unitpngfix.js` javascript file if the browser is IE6 or lower. In plain words, it implements the solution for the PNG traspa

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  • Google Font Fix

    Fix Google fonts API(http://*.googleapis.com/*) for users in China.

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  • Fix Multiple Redirects

    Fix multiple redirects and canonical redirects. And increase speed of wordpress fine url recognition for SEO by .htaccess file.

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  • 2-4 comment fix

    This plugin will fix word `Comments` to go with Central European languages when comments count is between 2 and 4.

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  • WP pngfix

    Plugin that fixes the png image transparency issue on IE.

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  • WP 404 images fix

    Loads a dafualt image in the place where an image path is returning 404

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  • Broken Rss Feed Fixer

    Broken Rss Feed Fixer is designed to fix broken rss feeds caused by forcing ads or any other type of extra unwanted elements added into your rss feed,

  • Silk AJAX Comments

    The default wordpress comments system is awful when it comes to handling errors, this fixes this issue with some simple AJAX.

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  • FG Fix Serialized Strings

    Fix the broken serialized strings in the options table

  • WP Debugger

    A plugin that helps you locate and fix issuess with your Wordpress installation.

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Should we add any fix plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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