15 Best WordPress Fixed Plugins

  • Q2W3 Fixed Widget Pro

    Fixes positioning of the selected widgets, when the page is scrolled down.

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  • Announcer

    Display awesome Announcements, Welcome notes, Greetings, Events, News etc with attractive style, colors, themes and position it anywhere in the page.

  • Better Backgrounds

    Random background image every visitor session, page refresh, or timed slideshow interval. Choose between fixed full screen or scrolling background.

  • Sticky Header

    Sticky headers plugin adds sticky or fixed header to your site with custom settings.

  • Floating Admin Menu

    Stop scrolling, save time! Have the admin menu stay in place, no matter how far you scroll down.

  • Sticky Element

    Prevent elements scrolling off pages!

  • Admin Menus Fixed

    Ozh' Admin Drop Down Menu + WordPress Toolbar & Admin Menu Fixed to the Top and Side of the Admin Screens. Less Scrolling!

  • WP Skyscraper

    WP Skyscraper is a wordpress plugin that allows you to add fixed box on your wordpress blog.

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  • Bitkatapult Mobile-friendly Responsive Navigation Menu

    Changes your list-style navigation to a mobile-friendly, responsive dropdown navigation which is small if not in use and fixed to top.

  • Random Background Image Per Session

    This WordPress plugin is no longer supported and has been replaced by/renamed to the "Better Backgrounds" plugin.

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  • Floating Comments Form Fixed Scroll Position

    Floating Comments allows users to post comments to your blog through a fancy form that fallows them as they scroll down.

  • Fixed Width Admin

    Makes the admin area fixed-width instead of elastic. Easy to customize width.

  • Fixed Admin Sidebar

    Fixes the positioning of the admin sidebar to the side of the browser, even when scrolled down. Best used with collapsed view.

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  • Advanced Sticky Header

    Easily make your site header sticky by just specifying element class name in options page.

  • myStickysidebar

    This lightweight plugin glues your website's sidebar, making it permanently visible while scrolling.

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Should we add any fixed plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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