20 Best WordPress Folder Plugins

  • FileBrowser

    File/Folder Browser for WP Backend

  • Media File Manager

    You can make sub-directories in the upload directory, and move files into them.

  • Folder Gallery

    This plugin generates picture galleries from a folder using a shortcode.

  • Relocate Upload

    Wordpress uploads media to one pre-set folder. Relocate Upload lets you switch media to other folders.

  • Dropbox Folder Share

    Permite incluir nuestra carpeta compartida de Dropbox en nuestras publicaciones. Allow to include our dropbox shared folders in content.

  • Folders

    Bulk organise your media attachments, custom post types, pages and posts into folders. A perfect addition to sites with large amounts of pages, posts

  • YT Tree Menu

    This plugin is designed to be a page menu for people using WordPress as a CMS

  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • Easily navigate pages on dashboard

    Displays a windows explorer style list of your pages on your Dashboard.

  • Folder Slider

    This plugin generates picture sliders from a folder using a shortcode.

  • Folder Slideshow

    This plugin generates picture slideshow from a folder using a shortcode.

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  • Gallery Factory Lite

    Great tool for managing large image collections with user-friendly album manager interface and visual layout builder.

  • Custom Upload Folders Plus

    Organize file uploads by File Type (mov, gif, png, mp3...) and Logged in user (nickname, first-name, last-name...).

  • Media Folders

    The Media Folders plugin creates a "folder" custom post type, to which individual media items can be attached. The Media Folder can then be

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  • Lazyest Widgets

    This plugin adds new widgets to Lazyest Gallery.

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  • m1.DownloadList

    This plugin easily displays the folders and files from a selected directory. It can be placed by shortcode in any post.

  • KMO Slideshow

    This plugin generates a gallery from a folder and displays using a shortcode.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any folder plugins in our list.

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