13 Best WordPress Function Plugins

  • My Custom Functions

    EASILY and SAFELY add your own functions, snippets or any custom codes directly out of your WordPress Dashboard without need of an external editor.

  • QR Code Tag

    Use QR Codes (Google API or QR Code Lib) anywhere in your blog, as a Widget, Shortcode, Tooltip or with a PHP function.

  • WP Get Post Image

    Adds the function wp_get_post_image(), giving theme builders easy access to images associated with a post or page.

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  • Custom Functions Plugin

    No need any more functions.php file editing. Just give a tick mark and this plugin will do the rest for you.

  • RSSupplement

    Adds WP functions, copyright, and more to your RSS feed items.

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  • List Posts with Pingbacks

    Adds a list of Posts with Pingbacks and Trackbacks to WordPress with a widget, shortcode, or theme functions.

  • Adobe XMP for WP

    Access Adobe XMP / IPTC information from Media Library and NextGEN Gallery images using a Shortcode or PHP Class.

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  • YD Search Functions

    Improved search tools and template functions including Google-like search result snippets (on-the-fly contextual abstract), search statistics and hit-

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  • Draft List

    Draft List will display a list of the titles of your posts/pages that have not yet been published.

  • Simple Thumbs

    Create image thumbs from WP attachments, w/ option to crop & fit to wanted size & create IMG-tags w/ correct width & height attributes.

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  • Show Authors in Page Lists

    Allows developers to display author names within wp_list_pages-generated page lists.

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  • Sort Page List by Last Name

    Sorts wp_list_pages-generated page lists by last name or, more generally, the last word of any page's title.

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  • QuickStart

    A utility kit for quick development of WordPress themes (and plugins).

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite function plugins.

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