15 Best WordPress Functions Plugins

  • mobble

    Helper plugin that provides conditional functions for detecting a variety of mobile devices & tablets. Perfect accompaniment to CSS Media Queries.

  • Genesis Simple Customizations

    Easily make certain customizations to your Genesis-powered site in the Genesis Theme Settings menu. You must be using the Genesis theme framework.

  • Ajaxize

    Ajaxize will allow you to ajaxize almost any php function on your site.

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  • Point and Stare CMS Functions

    This plugin generates special functions to convert your WordPress install into a CMS, add security and generally white label the admin.

  • WP Feature Disable

    Disables a collection of WordPress features that can help your blog run more efficiently and smoother.

  • Dashboard Tweaks


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  • Add Functions

    With this plugin you can add new functions through admin menu, without editing your themes functions.php

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  • YD Search Functions

    Improved search tools and template functions including Google-like search result snippets (on-the-fly contextual abstract), search statistics and hit-

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  • DeMomentSomTres Tools

    DeMomentSomTres Tools is a function library and utilities used by all DeMomentSomTres plugins

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  • Mogul Custom Functions

    This plugin is intended for use by theme developers to hasten coding and to save the world from tyranny. But mostly the theme dev bit.

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  • Deprecation Checker

    Deprecation Checker simply scans your plugins, themes, and custom directories for deprecated functions.

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  • StartBox Easy Hooks

    Easily hook content in Startbox Theme Framework.

  • Custom Functions Starter Kit by 99 Robots

    The Custom Functions Start Kit offers over a dozen easy to use fixes and functions for your WordPress site.

  • ReFU (Regulatory functions)

    Alternative functions.php file of wordpress themes.

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  • Dynco Toolkit by Dynamic Consultants

    A Toolkit for WordPress websites developed by Dynamic Consultants that has a set of custom coding functions to help better define the content manageme

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite functions plugins.

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