18 Best WordPress Head Plugins

  • HeadSpace2 SEO

    Controls almost every aspect of your site's meta-data, including advanced tagging, Analytics, and dozens of plugins. The best WordPress SEO solu

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  • Head Cleaner

    Cleaning tags from your WordPress header and footer.

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  • Header and Footer

    Header and Footer plugin let you to add html code to the head and footer sections of your blog... and more!

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  • WP Total Hacks

    WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site. PHP5 is required!

  • Greg's High Performance SEO

    Configure over 100 separate on-page SEO characteristics. Load around 700 lines of code per page view. No junk: just high performance SEO at its best.

  • Super Simple Google Analytics

    Very simple plugin for reliably inserting your Google Analytics tracking code on every page.

  • Header and Footer Scripts

    Header and Footer Scripts plugin enables you to add scripts to WordPress header and footer.

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  • Per page add to head

    This plugin adds content between the head tags for specific WordPress posts, or every WordPress post.

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  • AddFunc Head & Footer Code

    Easily add code to your head and/or footer, site-wide and/or on any individual page/post.

  • Scripts To Footer

    Move your scripts to the footer to help speed up perceived page load times and improve user experience.

  • Head Meta Data

    Head Meta Data adds a complete set of <meta> tags to the <head> section of all posts & pages.

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  • WP Canvas - Insert Code

    Easily insert HTML, Javascript, CSS, into the head and footer areas of your site.

  • WP Optimize By xTraffic

    Plugin "WP Optimize By xTraffic" optimizes your WordPress websites more useful and powerful through the special features.

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  • HiFi (Head Injection, Foot Injection)

    HiFi is a head and foot injection plugin. It allows you to inject code into the head and foot areas of your posts and pages on a per-page basis.

  • Average Head & Footer Code

    Easily add code to your head and/or footer, site-wide and/or on any individual page/post.

  • Enhanced Header / Footer Injections

    Add code to the header and footer sections of your site on a page-per-page basis.

  • Add to Header

    Add additional code to your header WITHOUT editing your theme, such as CSS and Javascript.

  • Auto Keywords and Description Generator

    Auto generates keyword and description tags for SEO as well as allows the user to specify tags for their homepage.

Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite head plugins.

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