15 Best WordPress Highlighting Plugins

  • Crayon Syntax Highlighter

    Syntax Highlighter supporting multiple languages, themes, fonts, highlighting from a URL, or post text.

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  • HTML Editor Syntax Highlighter

    Add syntax highlighting to the HTML editor.

  • CodeColorer

    CodeColorer is a syntax highlighting plugin which allows to insert code snippets into blog posts. Supports color themes, code in RSS, comments.

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  • Power Code Editor

    Enables syntax highlighting in the integrated source code editors. Supports PHP, HTML, CSS and JS.

  • Code Editor

    Brings syntax highlighting and line numbers to the theme- and plugin-editor of wordpress.

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  • WP-GeSHi-Highlight — simple, fast, and reliable syntax highlighting

    Syntax highlighting for many languages. Simple usage. Based on GeSHi, an established and rock-solid highlight engine. Valid HTML output.

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  • Syntax Highlight

    Syntax Highlighting in WordPress Plugins and Themes Editor.

  • dTabs

    Adds a new template tag to output user controlled dynamic tabs and drop down menus for posts, pages, categories, archives, and bookmarks.

  • CodeMirror for CodeEditor

    Just another code syntaxhighligher for the theme and plugin editor with CodeMirror.

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  • WP Code Editor Plus

    Code Editor, Syntax Hilighter, Code Completion, and usability rolled into my version of an IDE. Created to mimic the features of popular desktop softw

  • Code Prettify

    100% automatic code highlighting using the Prettify library. No shortcodes, no classnames, pure awesome.

  • Prism Syntax Highlighter for WordPress

    Most lightweight, yet most configurable and advanced PrismJS WordPress integration plugin. Custom fields display (detached) supported.

  • Syntax Highlighting Editor

    Syntax highlighting in the editor plugins and themes

  • Plum Code Box

    Plum Code Box makes it easy to insert and manage code blocks using the Chili javascript syntax highlighter.

  • Scripture Highlighter

    Scripture Highlighter turns your Bible verses into a clickable link that will open a pop-up with the full scripture reference.

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