10 Best WordPress Ideas Plugins

  • GoUrl Bitcoin Payment Gateway & Paid Downloads & Membership

    GoUrl Official Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for Wordpress. Accept Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Paycoin, Dash, Reddcoin, etc. Payments Online

  • WP Idea Stream

    Share ideas, great ones will rise to the top!

  • Ideas

    A super simple way to keep track of ideas in your WordPress admin.

  • AppAd Manager

    Displays google adsense (or other ads) between posts in AppThemes Premium Themes.

  • Post Ideas

    Keeps track of all your blog article or post ideas including a working title, possible keywords, source links and descriptions.

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  • Post Ideas+

    Keeps track of all your blog articles and post ideas using the following fields: * Working title * Tags * Source links * Description * Priority

  • GoUrl AppThemes - Bitcoin Payments for Classipress, Vantage, JobRoller, etc

    Provides Bitcoin/Altcoin Payment Gateway for all Appthemes Premium Themes - Classipress, Vantage, JobRoller, Clipper, Taskerr, HireBee, Ideas, etc.

  • Blog Watch

    Keep an eye on what your competitors, similar sites and favourite blogs are writing about, right from your Dashboard.

  • UserVoice Idea List Widget

    A widget that displays the most popular ideas within a specific UserVoice forum. You can configure the widget to show the number of ideas you want to

  • Contenido Team Manager

    Manage your team, production costs, and tasks so you can create great content for your audience without exceeding your budget.

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