20 Best WordPress Ie8 Plugins

  • Advanced Browser Check

    Tell IE users to change browser? Or is your site for Chrome only? Now you choose what browsers should trigger a warning popup or not on your site.

  • Gravity Forms Auto Placeholders

    Automatically converts all Gravity Form labels into HTML5 placeholders. Includes Modernizr to add placeholder support to Internet Explorer.

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  • Browser Specific CSS

    The Browser Specific CSS Plugin allows you to easily target specific browsers and operating systems from your theme's stylesheet using regular cs

  • Internet Explorer Alert!

    Version: 4.0 Can Detect Internet Explorer and Suggest for Recommended Web Browser

  • IE6 Upgrade Option

    Generates an optional IE6 upgrade message as a plugin with output only for MSIE browsers

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  • Stop Oldies

    This plugin detects if a visitor is using some old version of Internet Explorer and suggests to upgrade to a recent browser.

  • Best Custom CSS

    This plugin help you to manage your css files with an easy and convenient method directly from Wordpress dashboard.

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  • iedetect

    iedetect detects the Internet Explorer and show a warning message if it's an old version.

  • Browser Body Classes with Shortcodes

    Adds browser-specific body classes for styling, and shortcodes to show or hide content to/from specified browsers and devices.

  • IE7 Compatibility

    Enables Internet Explorer 7 (IE7) compatibility until your blog works with IE8, Microsoft's new browser.

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  • WEN's IE CSS3 Support

    Automatically adds CSS3 support for border-radius, box-shadow, linear-gradient and transitions effects to your website/blog in IE old versions (IE7 +

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  • WP Fossil

    Provides support for media queries and emulating CSS3 pseudo-classes and attribute selectors in Internet Explorer 6-8.

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  • Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator

    The Internet Explorer 8 Accelerator plugin enables you to post an entry with selected text of any web-page to your WordPress blog.

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  • Compatiblizr

    Plugin for patching old versions of IE (7 and 8)to work with CSS3 selectors and Media Queries.

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  • webslicer

    This wordpress plugin allow you to add webslices to your blog.

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  • WordSlice

    Wordslice is a simple plugin to add web slice functionality to your wordpress blog

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