10 Best WordPress Inject Plugins

  • Ad Injection

    Injects any adverts (e.g. AdSense) into the WordPress posts or widget area. Restrict who sees ads by post length/age/referrer or IP.

  • ImageInject

    Easily insert images and photos into your blog posts! ImageInject searches the huge Flickr database for creative commons photos related to any topic.

  • CM Ad Changer

    Manage, Track and Report the Advertising Campaigns and Banners on Your Site. Turn your WP into an Ad Server!

  • Inject-O-Matic

    Inject custom jQuery/Javascript into the header and/or footer of a WordPress site.

  • Footer Code

    Simplest plugin that injects any code into footer of a web page.

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  • Scripts and Styles

    Inject JavaScript and CSS files into your website. Encourages best practices for performance and compatibility.

  • Shortcode Callback

    Adds a [callback] shortcode that can trigger PHP code so you can insert custom/complex things into your pages/posts.

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  • Header Code

    Simplest plugin that injects any code into wp_head().

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  • Builder Source

    This plugin injects comment code into the head section of your HTML output.

  • Add CSS/Js by Duo Leaf

    A quick and easy way to include CSS and/or JavaScript in your WordPress site without getting your hands dirty by editing your theme manually.

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