11 Best WordPress Internal Plugins

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    Manually link to existing content or a custom url through a meta box on the writing page.

  • HookPress

    HookPress turns your WordPress-internal hooks into webhooks. Possible uses include generating push notifications or extending WordPress with non-PHP.

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  • SEO Post Content Links

    SEO Internal linking (page, post, category). Automatic SEO for website

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  • TagGator

    TagGator Automatically tag to your posts so you dont have to! Tag your posts based on their contents automatically.

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  • CF Internal Link Shortcode

    Site reorganization-proof internal linking via shortcodes, referencing page/post IDs.

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  • Google Analytics Internal

    Use Google Analytics events to track when you publish posts.

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  • Investment Decision Helper

    This tool will allow you to compare return rates of two different custom instruments in order to help you taking the best decision..

  • Replace RSS Feed Link

    Changes a post's link in the RSS feed when you add a custom field called 'url' in a post. If a custom field called 'url' is not present on a post, the

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  • WP Site Links

    Allows easy access to all of your posts, to reference while writing.

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  • Flexible AB Results

    Flexible AB Testing is an easy to use plugin that will help you handle your A/B Testing in less than a few minutes.

  • TuKod MultiSite Site Names

    Expanded SiteName Choices in the sign-up process. Use dashes (-), dots(.), tildes (~), underscores (_), capitals (A-Z) and change the minimum length!

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