19 Best WordPress Japanese Plugins

  • WP Multibyte Patch

    Multibyte functionality enhancement for the WordPress Japanese package.

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  • Image Widget

    A simple image widget that uses the native WordPress media manager to add image widgets to your site.

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  • hpb Dashboard

    "hpb Dashboard" plug-in is the data importer for "Home Page Builder 17/18/19/20".

  • Contact form Form For All - Easy to use, fast, 37 languages.

    Drag and Drop interface. Tens of predefined fields, including Connect with Facebook and Google+. 37 languages. Responsive design. Double opt-in.

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  • Japanese Autotag

    Japanese AutoTag is a WordPress plugin which generates tags automatically based on your post title.

  • xili-language

    xili-language lets you create and manage multilingual WP site in several languages with yours or most famous localizable themes. Ready for CMS design.

  • Quick Localization (Quick Localisation)

    Quick Localisation allows site admins to patch Wordpress translations of any theme and any plugin without leaving the control panel

  • BBS e-Popup

    BBS e-Popup support features to produce and manage popups.(English,???,???,???)

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  • EZ zenback

    "EZ zenback" will help you to install "zenback".

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  • WooCommerce For Japan

    This plugin extends the WooCommerce shop plugin for Japanese situation.

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  • Google Map V3 for IDN

    This plugin will embed a google map using shortcode or as a widget. This plugin is a different version of Simple Google Map. It enables to insert maps

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  • AgeVerify

    A Perfect Website Age Checker for Wineries, Bottleshops, Vape Shops, Cigar Shops, Marijuana Dispenseries, Breweries, Bars and Distilleries. Available

  • Force Wave Dash

    "Force WaveDash" is a plugin to canonicalize some Unicode characters: to force "WAVE DASH" characters other than "FULLWIDTH TILD".

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  • Asian Word Count

    Asian Word Count is a plugin for WordPress that gives you word count statistics for your blog's posts and pages which supports Asian languages.

  • WP-Furigana

    WP-Furigana enables you to add Furigana (a Japanese reading aid) using the visual editor. No knowledge of the ruby HTML tag is needed.

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  • WP BeMoOve

    WP-BeMoOvePlugin ?Wordpress????????????????????

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  • Permalink Encoding

    This plugin encodes NON-ASCII characters in pretty permalinks by using Percent-Encoding described in RFC3986.

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  • PukiWiki for WordPress

    'PukiWiki for WordPress' converts a html from pukiwiki text on an entry.

  • Langtolang Dictionary

    Langtolang Dictionary provides a multilingual dictionary service from the sidebar.

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