17 Best WordPress Joke Plugins

  • Content Randomizer

    This plugin allows you to add texts, images, videos and display them in a random order or slideshow.

  • Joke of the Day

    Plugin "Joke of the Day" displays jokes on your blog. There are over 40,000 jokes in 40 categories.

  • Joke of the Day Advanced

    Freshen up your WordPress site with a new joke every day.

  • Random Joke

    Random jokes widget helps you display random jokes everywhere on your blog. Over 25,000 jokes in 75 categories. Cheer up your blog readers :)

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  • Funny4You

    Einfachen 'Shortcode Plugin' um den 'Witz des Tages' oder einen 'Zufallswitz' direkt in den Blog zu laden.

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  • ????(chinese poem)

    ????(chinese poem)

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  • Whoa! Rotate

    Whoa! Rotate gives you an easy to use shortcode that will rotate your page for the user. Just use the shortcode [whoa-rotate] anywhere in a page.

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  • Ojama Flying Sankocho

    This plugin doesn't help with anything. This plugin shows desktop mascot that is the bird. The Japanese Paradise Flycatcher painted simply comes

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  • Fukudonkenjin

    Let's join Fukudonkenjin! Fukudonkenjin is the name of donburi-mono lovers :)

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  • Usoko's Todays Probability

    Usoko (means 'Miss Liar') is famous Japanese joke maker web site. This widget uses it engine to generate today's probability text. It's joke, off cour

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  • Comic Sans Roulette

    Randomly changes all fonts on your WordPress site to Comic Sans. You have a one in ten chance that all of your fonts will be Comic Sans.

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  • Hello Kushimoto

    This is not just a plugin. When activated you will randomly see a Quotations of legendary engineer Mr. M in the upper right of your admin screen on ev

  • ComicsGoneBad

    Download Daily comics from ComicsGoneBad.com to your site and embed it to your site

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  • Megumi Goroku

    To view the Megumi Goroku

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite joke plugins missing from our list.

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