18 Best WordPress Journal Plugins

  • amr ical events lists

    Event Calendar or Agenda list, combine multiple ics files, handles recurring events. Very customisable.

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  • WP Journal

    Turn Your WordPress Site Into an Online Magazine.

  • BlipPress

    Display entries from your Blipfoto photography journal and post your photos to Blipfoto from your WordPress website.

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  • Weather Journal

    Weather Journal is a plugin to record and show the daily weather with a WordPress weblog.

  • Issue Manager

    Allows an editor to publish an "issue", which is to say, all pending posts with a given category. Until a category is published, all posts with that c

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  • DOAJ Export

    Adds a feed for exporting your data using the DOAJ article XML schema.

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  • Blipfoto importer

    Import journal entries and photos from a Blipfoto daily photo journal into your WordPress website.

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  • Foma's news

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  • MarkPress

    Takes over your WordPress install on activation and enables the user to quickly write MarkDown powered journal notes.

  • CPD New Journal

    A plug-in that works alongside the CPD Journals plugin that provides default options for when a new journal is created.

  • Daileez Widget

    Display icon statuses from your Daileez.com online diary in the sidebar of your blog

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Leave a comment below if we missed any of your favorite journal plugins.

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