11 Best WordPress Journalism Plugins

  • Edit Flow

    Redefining your editorial workflow.

  • WP Document Revisions

    A document management and version control plugin for WordPress that allows teams of any size to collaboratively edit files and manage their workflow.

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  • Listly: Listicles For Wordpress

    Brings the power of the Listly platform to engage your audience with list posts in gallery, slideshow, magazine, and list layouts.

  • Post Forking

    WordPress Post Forking allows users to fork or create an alternate version of content to foster a more collaborative approach to WordPress content cur

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  • WP Emphasis

    One-click implementation of the New York Times open-source emphasis script for highlighting and permalinking text.

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  • Pressroom

    Turns WordPress into a multiple channel publishing platform.

  • DocumentCloud

    Embed DocumentCloud resources in WordPress content.

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  • Editorial Comments

    Facilitates discussion between authors and editors by inserting a comment system below the post creation form.

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  • Snowball

    Snowball makes it easy for journalists and bloggers to create immersive articles using multimedia, data visualizations, and interactive widgets.

  • Simple Long Form

    Building longreads has never been so easy with SLF. No knowledge of code is mandatory to enhance your stories and make them scroll.

  • Publish2

    Easily incorporate your Publish2 links into your WordPress site and blog posts.

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