14 Best WordPress Locale Plugins

  • YouTube

    YouTube embed plugin. Embed a responsive video, YouTube channel gallery, or playlist gallery. Add video thumbnails, analytics, SEO, caching...

  • Localize WordPress

    Easily switch to any localization from GlotPress

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  • Admin Locale

    This plugin allows you to change the language of the admin panel without changing the whole site language.

  • WP-Farsi

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  • R3DF Dashboard Language Switcher

    Enables individual user selection and setting of dashboard language: at logon, in admin with a toolbar menu, or by user profile setting.

  • Language Fallback

    Set a language as a fallback for the chosen language (e.g. "Deutsch" as a fallback for "Deutsch (Sie)")

  • Admin Language

    This plugin allows to have admin panel in different language (for example, admin's native language) from blog's home language.

  • Local Time

    Displays post and comment date and times in the visitor's timezone using Javascript. Heavily based on code from the P2 theme.

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  • R3DF Multisite Language Indicator

    Adds language indicators (flag, locale or language) beside the site title of sites to help identify similarly named sites in multilingual multisites.

  • LanguageBack

    Simple , minimalistic plugin that lets you set different locale for frontend and backend.

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  • Comment Translator

    Help your visitor translate other comments to their language

  • YouTubeR by Maxio lab.

    The plugin allows you to upload your videos on YouTube from your website and embed YouTube videos to your website.

  • Complete Language Switcher

    Switch between languages with ease using xili-language plugin. Displaying only the posts in the set language.

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  • Add More Body Classes

    Body tag with more classes such as locale and page slug.

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