12 Best WordPress Login Logo Plugins

  • Custom Login Page Customizer

    Custom Login Customizer allows you to easily customize your admin login page, straight from your WordPress Customizer!

  • Uber Login Logo

    A simple, lightweight WordPress plugin to change your login logo.

  • WP Custom Admin Login Page Logo

    This Plugin lets you customize the Logo of the admin login page panel. Helpful if you need to add a client's (or your own) logo.

  • Tesla Login Customizer

    Customize your WordPress login/register/forgot password page with ease.

  • Login Screen Manager

    Using Login Screen Manager in your Wordpress site you can easily customize your login screen.You can add your own logo to the login screen,change styl

  • Eazy Login Logo

    Eazy Login Logo changes the default logo on the login screen.

  • WP Login Logo

    This plugin is a simple, lightweight WordPress plugin to change your login logo.

  • PWD WP Login

    This plugin allows you to easy customize your login WordPress Dashboard using API customizer.

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  • WordPress for My Clients

    This plugin allows you to customize WordPress by adding support to upload custom login logo, custom favicon & Apple touch icon and by hiding non e

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  • Simple Custom Login

    Quickly apply some fun or custom branding to your login screen

  • TR WP Custom Login Page

    WP Custom Login Page allows you to change your unlimited custom logo,unlimited custom text,unlimited custom color etc. with its lots of features.

  • WPF-Login

    WPF-Login allows a user to create a custom login page, or insert the default login form into the currently activated theme.

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