19 Best WordPress Manual Plugins

  • Sidekick

    Real-time, voice-guided WordPress training and support straight from your dashboard.

  • Dashboard Site Notes

    Add notes as admin notices in contextual help tabs, as well as compile them into an instruction manual.

  • Wiki

    Create a wiki as easily as adding a post

  • CP Related Posts

    CP Related Posts is a plugin that displays related articles on your website, manually, or by the terms in the content, title or abstract, and tags

  • Documentation

    A documentation management system.

  • Add Comments

    Add multiple comments at once to a post or page with whatever author information you want..

  • Daskal

    Create step-by-step tutorials. Have users rate and search them. Turn your site into tutorials portal.

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  • Instruct

    Easily build step-by-step tutorials with images from the media gallery.

  • Simple Share from Admin

    Adds simple manual share links for Twitter and Facebook to the list of posts admin page.

  • WP Search for Comments - LITE

    Enables you to search in comments separetly from the search loop.

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  • Custom Pointers

    Create interactive tutorials for your WordPress Users. This relies on the native WordPress Pointers API!

  • Add Pingbacks

    Manually add a Pingback to a post or page.

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  • Inline Manual

    Connect Inline Manual with your Wordpress.

Let us know if there are any of your favorite manual plugins missing from our list.

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