12 Best WordPress Meta-box Plugins

  • Meta Box

    Meta Box plugin is a powerful, professional solution to create custom meta boxes and custom fields for WordPress websites.

  • WP Total Hacks

    WP Total Hacks can customize more than 20 settings on your WordPress Site. PHP5 is required!

  • SiteTree

    A lightweight and user-friendly tool to enhance your WordPress site with feature-loaded Google Sitemap and Archive Page (or HTML5 Compliant Site Map).

  • WCK - Custom Fields and Custom Post Types Creator

    A must have tool for creating custom fields, custom post types and taxonomies, fast and without any programming knowledge.

  • Titan Framework

    The most easy to use WordPress option framework.

  • Meta Box

    A meta box which helps us to add content or scripts to any part of the website, on each individual post/page. Easy to Implement with Shortcode.

  • Inline Attachments

    Put the focus in the admin area of Wordpress on media files. Functionally and visually.

  • Custom Fields Creator

    WCK Custom Fields Creator - easily create custom meta boxes for WordPress. It supports normal custom fields and custom fields repeater groups.

  • WPBizPlugins Custom Admin Help Boxes

    Easily add your own instructions and help material to the WordPress admin section with Custom Admin Help Boxes. Lets you add custom help boxes to any

  • SB Uploader

    An easy, customer/user friendly way to upload images and attach them to your content. Optionally sets the featured image. Sometimes you just want to u

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  • Manage Tags Capability

    Prevents lower-level users from creating new tags when editing a post, but still allows them to choose from a list of existing tags.

  • Admin Page Framework

    Facilitates WordPress plugin and theme development.

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