18 Best WordPress Nextpage Plugins

  • Page-Links Plus

    A WordPress pagination plugin that helps users paginate content easily & efficiently.

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  • Multipage Plugin

    Order your posts in subpages: multipage posts will have a table of contents linking single subpages with their titles.

  • Pagination by BestWebSoft

    Add pagination block to your WordPress website.

  • Adjustly Nextpage

    Enables existing Wordpress functionality to allow page breaks in your posts and pages.

  • Advanced Post Pagination

    Perfect solution to split a long post content to multiple pages. Allows you to put text and image in pagination buttons. 5 awesome button layouts.

  • Automatically Paginate Posts

    Automatically paginate posts by inserting the <!--nextpage--> Quicktag into WordPress posts, pages, or custom post type content.

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  • TinyMCE Page Break Button

    TinyMCE Page Break Button adds a Page Break Button to the TinyMCE Menu for using the Nextpage-Tag in posts.

  • View All Post's Pages

    Provides a "view all" (single page) option for content paged using WordPress' <!--nextpage--> Quicktag (multipage posts).

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  • Splitter

    Automatically split a post into pages by adding a `nextpage` tag, with html validity maintenance.

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  • jQuery Post Splitter

    This plugin will split your post into multipages with a tag. A button to split the pages and posts is vailable in text editor icons.

  • WP Link Pages Extended

    Extended the Post and Page 'nextpage' pagination navigation system with something more informative

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