12 Best WordPress Nfl Plugins

  • SportsPress - Manage Leagues & Sports Clubs

    SportsPress is an extendable all-in-one sports data plugin that helps sports clubs set up and manage a league or club site quickly and easily.

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  • LiveScore

    No ADS. Multi-Language Free Live Scores for Soccer, American Football(NFL,CFL), Tennis(ATP,WTA), Basketball, Ice Hockey, Handball & Volleyball.

  • Jockspin Sports Headlines

    Display the latest sports headlines for a specified team, a specific sport, a region, or overall, in your sidebar as a widget.

  • Sports Rankings and Lists

    The plugin allows authors to rank list of anything and display the table of rankings in posts or pages. List can be resued to create multiple rankings

  • Fantasy Sports Widget

    The Fantasy Knuckleheads Fantasy Football Sports Widget is an aggregation of the web's best NFL fantasy football content.

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  • ESPN Headlines

    A simple widget to display the latest ESPN content by sport and league.

  • SportsPost - Enriched Sports Posts

    Enhance your sports posts with rich, detailed metadata about games, teams, and players.

  • Mack's NFL Football News Feed

    Lists the Latest News from the NFL.

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  • Sports News Box

    Display the latest sports news fast and easy using simple short codes.

  • Blitzcorner Sports Trivia Widget

    Sports Trivia Widget for Sports Blogs Content by Blitzcorner.com

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  • Blitzcorner Sports Ranking Widget

    Sports Ranking Widget for Sports Blogs Content by Blitzcorner.com

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  • Schmap Widget

    This plugin provides an extremely simple and flexible way of presenting data relevant to your blog on a map.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any nfl plugins in our list.

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