18 Best WordPress Nokia Plugins

  • MobilePress

    MobilePress is a plugin for WordPress that renders a mobile friendly version of your WordPress website or blog.

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  • WPtap Mobile Detector

    WPtap is a WordPress specialist in developing mobile-friendly themes/plugins that can instantly turn your WordPress site into a web-application experi

  • BAAP Mobile Version

    The BAAP Mobile Version is a complete toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site. It has a mobile switcher, themes, widgets, and mobile admin panel.

  • Mobile Device Detection by 51Degrees

    The 51Degrees mobile device detection plugin mobilizes your site. Easy setup including mobile switcher, themes and administration tool.

  • Browser Body Classes with Shortcodes

    Adds browser-specific body classes for styling, and shortcodes to show or hide content to/from specified browsers and devices.

  • WP viewMobile

    WP viewMobile makes your blog ready for mobile internet - with just a few clicks.

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  • MobileRevenu

    Rentabilisez votre Trafic Mobile gratuitement avec Mobile Revenu. Inscription gratuite et facultative en moins de 2 min. # Many languages available

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  • HERE Maps

    With HERE Maps you can easily add places and addresses into your Wordpress posts or pages.

  • Nokia Maps & Places

    With Nokia Maps & Places plugin you can easily add places and addresses into your Wordpress posts or pages.

  • MobStac WordPress Mobile

    Renders for mobile visitors a mobile version of your WordPress site, with blazing-fast page loads, multiple themes, support for over 5000 mobile devi

  • Wordpress Mobile Pack + HUNT

    The Wordpress Mobile Pack + HUNT plugin is a modified version of the popular toolkit to help mobilize your WordPress site and blog.

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  • BanglaPress

    BanglaPress is a WordPress plugin that will Convert your WordPress blog on mobile Phone, with the ability to use customized mobile themes.

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  • WP Nokia Auth

    Easily manage your Nokia Location API credentials across all themes and plugins on a site.

  • Allow Mobile Plugin For Defa Protector

    Allow your defa protector video to play on Mobile. Caution : Copy Security Leaks

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