16 Best WordPress Notifier Plugins

  • Comment Notifier

    Add the new comment subscription option to the blog comment form.

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  • WP Post Notifier For All

    Notify all Wordpress users (and not only the admin) on every post publishing.

  • WP Comment Notifier For All

    Notify all Wordpress users (and not only the admin) on every comment approval.

  • Comment Approved Notifier

    The plugin sends an e-mail to your commenters when you approve their comments.

  • Comment Reply by Admins Notifier

    This plugin sends an e-mail notify when an admin or an editor of site reply a comment.

  • Post Status Notifications

    The Post Status Notifications plugin by 99 Robots provides an easy way to notify Administrators when Contributors submit posts for review or when a Co

  • Comment Notifier No Spammers

    Subscribe to comments and notify only approved comment authors, not spammers.

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  • Comment Reply Notifier

    When someone reply a comment,the person who receive the reply will receive a mail ??????????????????????

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  • Akismet Notifier

    A plugin to notify the user that the comment posted was considered as SPAM if so.

  • Comment Approved Notifier Extended

    Automatically send email notification to comment author after comment approval.

  • Simple post status notifications

    Simple post status notifications sends emails to authors and editors when the post status changes.

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  • Smart Invoice and Billing Management Plugin

    Add your clients database and send them invoices through their emails. Manages invoices status and able you to send them reminders.

  • Spam Notifier

    The plugin sends an email message when a comment goes to the spam folder.

  • twittifier

    Notifica a tus Followers en Twitter cuando haz escrito un nuevo post.

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  • Kento Notify

    Notification bubble for wordpress comments on post

  • Debug Notifier

    If WP_DEBUG=true, this plugin adds a visual style that prevents admins from forgetting that debugging is enabled. Simple, slim, handy.

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