19 Best WordPress Object Cache Plugins

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  • WP File Cache

    Persistent caching using files. WARNING: PHP 5.1.6 or newer is required. DOES NOT support WordPress MultiSite.

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  • Redis Object Cache

    A persistent object cache backend powered by Redis. Supports HHVM's Redis extension, the PCEL Redis Extension and the Predis library for PHP.

  • Tribe Object Cache

    Simple plugin that supports Memcached, APC, Xcache or WinCache based on your system. All you have to do is activate it.

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  • EM Object Cache

    Persistent caching using APC, xCache, eAccelerator, Zend Disk Cache, Zend Shared Memory Cache or files.

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  • WP APC Panel

    Shows APC stats, opcode entries, user cache key/values etc. under Tools menu. WordPress compatible version of apc.php from pecl apc package.

  • Widget Output Cache

    Improve website performance by caching widget output in WordPress transients.

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  • Memcached Redux

    Uses the Memcached class (not the Memcache class) to implement WP Object Cache

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  • Johnny Cache

    Provides an admin interface for inspecting Memcached instances and flushing items by key or group in an AJAX fashion.

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  • Debug Bar Cache Lookup

    Look up items in object cache.

  • Memcached Cloud

    Use Memcached with SASL authentication to implement WP Object Cache

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  • MemCachier

    Use MemCachier to implement WP Object Cache

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  • APCu Object Cache Backend

    An object-cache implementation using the APCu extension.

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  • XCache Object Cache Backend

    An object-cache implementation using the XCache extension.

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  • WinCache Object Cache Backend

    WinCache Object Cache provides a persistent memory-based backend for the WordPress object cache. WinCache must be available on your PHP install.

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Let us know below if we missed any of your favorite object cache plugins.

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