13 Best WordPress Ogp Plugins

  • Head Cleaner

    Cleaning tags from your WordPress header and footer.

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  • WP Facebook Open Graph protocol

    Adds proper Facebook Open Graph Meta tags and values to your site so when links are shared it looks awesome!

  • WP-OGP

    This is a plugin to add Open Graph Protocol Data to the metadata of your WordPress blog.

  • Open Graph Protocol Framework

    The Open Graph Protocol enables any web page to become a rich object in a social graph. This plugin renders meta tags within an extension framework.

  • Open Graph

    Adds Open Graph metadata to your posts and pages so that they look great when shared on sites like Facebook and Google+.

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  • Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages

    Open Graph Protocol in Posts and Pages (OGP) allows you to add the OG meta tags on a per page basis, or use default settings across the site.

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  • Facebook Debug Links

    Provides links in your wordpress backend to easily open your page/post in the Facebook Debugger

  • WP SMO

    Customise the way your post/page will be displayed on the major social media through the Open Graph Protocal (OGP).

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  • OGP Generator

    When shared on Facebook, this plugin shows a nice Thumbnail of your posts, pages and site.

  • LH OGP Meta

    Add OGP and Facebook meta to your website

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  • Open Graph link tile

    This WordPress plugin makes a link tile from Open Graph protocol.

  • VA WSD the phantom thief

    This is a plugin that helps create previews of a url based on the OGP of the page, similar to a url preview in a Facebook post.

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