10 Best WordPress Old Plugins

  • Advanced Browser Check

    Tell IE users to change browser? Or is your site for Chrome only? Now you choose what browsers should trigger a warning popup or not on your site.

  • Gurken Subscribe to Comments (deprecated)

    !!!DEAD PLUGIN!!! USE Subscribe to Comments Reloaded

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  • Stop Oldies

    This plugin detects if a visitor is using some old version of Internet Explorer and suggests to upgrade to a recent browser.

  • WP-301

    Easily 301 redirect any page or URL on your website to a new location anywhere on the internet.

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  • Hide Old Posts

    Hides posts older than given amount of time.

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  • Old Post Notifier

    With this plugin, an notification can be added to old posts.

  • Age Calculator

    A quicktag that will calculate the current age of a person/animal/whatever based on it's birthdate. Supports changing the verbage for year(s) and mont

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  • Deprecation Checker

    Deprecation Checker simply scans your plugins, themes, and custom directories for deprecated functions.

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  • Old Post Notification

    Mark posts as old and display a notification message above the content.

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  • OSD Outdated Browser

    OSD Outdated Browser widget allows you to display a custom banner for users using old browsers.

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