20 Best WordPress Osm Plugins

  • OSM - OpenStreetMap

    Customize maps in your post, pages and widgets. Add geotag to your blog and site. Use GPX, KML, ...

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  • Google Maps GPX Viewer

    Place your GPS tracks with Google maps! Show an elevation profile and download button. Test the Map-editor.

  • MapFig Leaflet Maps

    Easily create and display custom maps in your pages and posts.

  • PlaceSurf

    Quickly and easily add links to your blog posts, which when clicked, starts up the Google Earth program at the specified location (lat/long).

  • XMap

    XMap lets you embed maptoolkit maps (like http://www.bikemap.net) into your WordPress blog.

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  • OSM Categories

    OpenStreetMap plugin to embed a map with markers to articles from different categories in different map layers.

  • gcStats

    gcStats plugin to embed some statistics with found geocaches in your blog.

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  • WP Cloudmade Maps

    Add static and interactive cloudmade maps to your website, using a widget, different shortcodes and a tinymce GUI for user-friendly map-embedding.

  • MapBBCode for WordPress

    MapBB-shortcodes [map] for Leaflet based maps.

  • Trail-Passion

    Add 2d and 3d maps into your posts. And place posts and medias onto the maps.

  • MapFig Studio

    Import maps from any MapFig Studio and display them in WordPress

  • COSM

    This plugin allows you to use Cloudmade OSM services on your blog.

  • Geo hCard Map

    [geo_hcard_map] map of hCard elements found in the current webpage.

  • Brilliant Geocoder for Gravity Forms

    Capture location information in Gravity Forms by geocoding user's input into other form fields.

Should we add any osm plugins to the list? Let us know what you think.

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