20 Best WordPress Pay Per Click Plugins

  • Affiliates

    The Affiliates system provides powerful tools to maintain an Affiliate Marketing Program.

  • Content.ad

    Display popular content to your users from your own site and/or from our sponsored partners, increasing visitor engagement and revenue.

  • Taboola

    Use the Taboola widget to generate revenue from 3rd-party content and increase engagement.

  • Insert Adsense

    Adds buttons in your toolbar to insert upto 7 types of ads on any side or inbetween your post content.

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  • Advanced Advertising System

    Manage your advertiser simply with many professional features.

  • Easy Peasy Adsense

    An easy peasy lemon squeezy way to insert Google Adsense ads into your Wordpress posts and pages. Supported by http://www.andthenhost.com for low cost

  • SkyStats - An All-In-One Business Intelligence Dashboard For Marketing Analytics

    A better WordPress dashboard that integrates Google Analytics, Facebook Analytics and other marketing channels into a single business dashboard.

  • Yepty - Pay Per Click Advertising. Monetize Blog and SkyRocket Income with Relevant Contextual Ads

    Let ALL of your blog content earn you money.

  • Affiliate Link Builder

    This plugin will let you easily build internal links and affiliate links to your favorite sites like Shimply.com.

  • Mobius Conversion Tracker

    Mobius Conversion Tracker allows you to place Google's conversion tracking code onto pages with an easy to use shortcode

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  • Monetize

    Monetize is pay per click (PPC) ad units management system allowing you to monetize your WordPress blog.

  • Wordpress Mobile Gesture Monetization by errnio

    A unique monetization tool for your mobile site, creating a bannerless monetization source of revenue for your wordpress site.

  • Wordpress Scroll to Top for Mobile

    The errnio Mobile Scroll to Top plugin adds a simple and styled button at the bottom-right of the site. It appears once the user scrolls down.

  • Mobile WordPress Site Search by errnio

    errnio Mobile WordPress Site Search plugin is a mobile-first search box for your site, with far better engagement for internal site search.

  • youAPPi smartAPP

    Enrich your content and earn money per click with the best personalized mobile application recommendations technology

  • Paletly's Shop Similar

    Transform your images into shopping windows & monetize them. This non-intrusive carousel features similar products from 600+ global brands.

  • Wordpress Mobile Web Search by errnio

    The errnio Wordpress Mobile Web Search plugin adds a floating search box to your site, creating far better search experience for mobile.

  • tagwords by tagsoda

    Allows you to make money on your blogs traffic by PPC. tagsoda is a PPC engine which turns your tags into ads, and provides you with clean inline tex

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  • Xillingo

    Increase your RPM. Content that increases your RPM / Incrementa tu RPM. Contenido que incrementa tu ganancia por millar.

  • MadChat Affiliate Program

    Make money with your website with MadChat.

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Let us know if there are any of your favorite pay per click plugins missing from our list.

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