19 Best WordPress Personalization Plugins

  • inSite for WP: Personalization Made Easy

    inSite is the simplest way to personalize your site. Utilize popups, a notification bar, and more features to increase engagement and conversions.

  • Front-End Only Users

    A customizable plugin for membership sites. Use shortcodes for registration, login, payment, etc. and only allows access to the front-end of your site

  • Easy Gravatars

    Add Gravatars to your comments without modifying any template files. Just activate, and you're done!

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  • Contextly Recommends

    Build your audience with content recommendations that are related, trending, evergreen and personalized. Editorial control and machine learning.

  • Gravatar Favicon

    This plugin allows you to generate a gravatar favicon for your blog and admin logo included Apple touch icon.

  • While Loading

    It shows a screen while all content page is being loaded. After the content has been rendered, it disappears.

  • Sailthru for WordPress

    This plugin provides fast and easy integration of the core Sailthru features into your Wordpress site.

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  • Infusionsoft Affiliates

    This plugin allows you to load an Infusionsoft Affiliate's information into your wordpress pages using the [affiliate] shortcode.

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  • MyStyle Custom Product Designer

    The MyStyle Custom Product Designer allows your website visitors to design, customize & personalize, and purchase your WooCommerce products.

  • Predictive Marketing for WooCommerce

    Recommendations, follow-up email, coupons, customer insights, analytics dashboard, conversion tracking and much more!

  • Google Plus Favicon

    Simply add a Google+ account ID to generate a G+ favicon for your blog and admin logo included Apple touch icon.

  • Kindred Posts

    Use artificial intelligence to recommend content to your site visitors

  • Multi Social Favicon

    This plugin use social profile image to creating a favicon from social site like G+, MSN Live, Twitter, Friendfeed, Facebook and Gravatar.

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  • wripl

    A sidebar widget, pop-out slider and 'end of content' list, for suggesting personalised recommendations of 'what to read next' for

  • CRM LastPosts Widget

    Show the last, most popular or random posts of any category using a selected thumbnail image and different effects.

  • WP Get Personal - Lite

    Get your list to love you! WP Get Personal Lite allows you to personalize pages by adding a name to the end of the URL.

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  • Print Science Designer Web to Print

    Link between WooCommerce and the Print Science Designer to allow for Web to Print product customization and online design

  • Nosto - Personalization for WooCommerce

    Nosto is the easiest way to deliver your customers personalized shopping experiences - wherever they are.

  • Track MyBlogLog

    This plugin identifies and tracks MyBlogLog readers on your website. You can also show a personalized message to these users.

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Let us know below in the comments if we missed any personalization plugins in our post.

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