10 Best WordPress Pie Chart Plugins

  • WordPress Charts

    Create amazing HTML5 charts easily in WordPress. A flexible and lightweight WordPress chart plugin including 6 customizable chart types.

  • Visualizer: Charts and Graphs

    A simple, easy to use and quite powerful tool to create, manage and embed interactive charts into your WordPress posts and pages.

  • Data Tables Generator by Supsystic

    Create beautiful data tables with charts and graphs. Custom design, navigation, searching and ordering functions. No HTML knowledge is required.

  • RJ Quickcharts

    Build Complex, Powerful HTML5 Bar Charts, Line Charts and Pie Charts in Just Minutes. No Programming Knowledge Required!

  • ChartBoot for WordPress

    ChartBoot for WordPress Plugin allows to create, edit and embed Google Charts in WordPress Posts and/or Pages.

  • WP Google Charts

    Easily integrate google charts, diagrams and tables based on your Google Spreadsheets.

  • WP Business Intelligence Lite

    Dynamic web charts and tables for your site! Connect to your live WordPress instance DB to retrieve data in real-time and update charts and tables!

  • IPU-Chart

    Present your data with interactive live charts to your users!

  • Disk Space Pie Chart

    Shows your server space (free and used) as a funky Pie Chart in your backend. It also shows a percentage bar in your WordPress dahsboard.

  • Poll

    Juna IT Poll - You can use WordPress Juna IT Poll for explaining what your users think about your web-page or a new page and or about any question. -

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